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Gaiden Fanfic

Post by Rin on Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:13 pm

This is my first attempt at a Gaiden fanfic, so sorry if it sucks ^_^"

Nothing New

Rin stood between Kakashi and Obito, who had started bickering again. Kakashi, silent as ever, didn’t even bat an eyelid while Obito probably didn’t even remember what they had been arguing about. She had completely zoned out after trying to stop it and getting a raised eyebrow from Kakashi and the ‘hurt puppy’ look from Obito. She sighed quietly, wondering when they’d finally give it up.
“Oh please! Even Rin-Chan agrees with me!” Obito yelled.
Rin was soon snapped back to reality. Someone had said her name, which meant only one thing. She was now involved in this petty fight. She fought the urge to roll her eyes and cleared her throat.
“Uhm…Well…” She started.
Kakashi looked at her, a spark of amusement in his gray eyes.
“Looks like she doesn’t….” He turned back to Obito. “Baka…”
Rin sighed. She was going to regret that later no doubt. Obito glared at Kakashi, but not before sending a hurt look in Rins direction. This went on for another few minutes before Rin was mentioned again.
“I’m sure Rin is smarter than to side with you…” Kakashi muttered, smirking triumphantly underneath his mask.
This sent Obito off on another rant about how Kakashi was too full of himself. Rin let out another sigh, getting more and more aggravated. Her kind nature could only be pushed so far. Just as Obito opened his mouth to shout yet more hateful remarks, something snapped.
“Give it a rest!! Honestly, I can’t stand anymore of your petty fighting! Obito, give it a rest! I don’t even remember what started this! Kakashi, your snide remarks only make it worse. Will both of you just GROW UP!?” She shrieked, shaking her head furiously at the end of her outburst. She turned and disappeared through the trees, leaving the two boys gaping after her.



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Re: Gaiden Fanfic

Post by Jinsei Senju on Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:23 pm

Cool, I wanna see some more Sis ^_^.
Jinsei Senju

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