Rikimaru's Weapons

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Rikimaru's Weapons

Post by Rikimaru Nara on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:15 pm

Name: Elemental Claw


Abilities: Elemental chakra can be placed in the blade to add special effects to the sword. Fire gives it the ability to burn and cut people, water has the ability to slash and enters the enemy's organs and makes them drown from water being filled up in their organs, wind adds twice the power of the cutting ability, earth makes the sword into more a bludgeoning object and lightning gives it the effects of the Second Hokage's Raijin sword. It is also made of diamond and indestructable, it is twice as sharp as normal blade and it is incredibly light.

Elements: Any element

How You Obtained It: Rikimaru obtained it after he came across an old swordsmith, which was also the same person who made the Seven Shinobi Swordsman's weapons.

Name: Extending Dagger

Looks: Looks like an ordinary dagger

Abilities: By gathering chakra into the dagger, this dagger can extend outwards and turn into a long whip. This is made of diamond, twice as sharp as a normal dagger and indestructable.

Elements: None

How You Obtained It: Rikimaru got this along with his Elemental Claw

Name: Leg Blades

Looks: The blades come out of sockets out of Rikimaru's shinobi sandals and wrap around his feet

Abilities: They are made of diamond, completely indestructable and their extra sharp

Elements: None

How You Obtained It: Rikimaru got these blades with his dagger and his sword
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